Fleck 5600SXT


  • Large LCD display with 48 hours of internal power backup capacitor
  • LCD display alternates between time of day, volume remaining or days to regeneration, and tank in service (twin tank systems only)
  • Compact turbine meter
  • Downflow or upflow regeneration cycles
  • Choose from 4 modes of operation: immediate meter regeneration, delayed meter regeneration, delayed time clock regeneration or day of week regeneration
  • Continuous flow rate of 20 GPM
  • Backwash capacity handles tanks up to 12″” diameter for softener applications, 10″” for filter applications
  • Double backwash capability


Bypass valve
Softener or filter control valves
Backwash filter
Upflow or downflow regeneration
Meter or day initiated regeneration
Double backwash
Auxiliary switches